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New post

2009-06-19 13:27:49 by FlashCridic1124

Ok, haven't done this in a long time....not that I really have anyone paying attention but I just felt I needed a new post up.
Haven't scrapped the last project but am putting it off. I'm now actually working on a new flash that I'm hoping gets above a 2 this time.
This as well as I submitted some things to the art portal using some things I have on DA...

New Business

2008-04-09 00:00:59 by FlashCridic1124

-Got a new page header :)
-Purgatory act 2 is in the works
-Thinking about starting a collab of some sort
-Starting work on 'Rapture'

New Business

:D Back to business

2008-03-29 23:12:14 by FlashCridic1124

Well, my old computer is now up and running and I' back to making flashes without the stress and annoyence of a trial version..

now I just need to make a new animation....-_-

so well, I know none of you even look at my crappy flashes anyways but I'm in for the night and don't have much better things to do...


2007-09-25 22:28:13 by FlashCridic1124

should be finished withing the next 2 weeks