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Good message

I myself am one who likes to party and such and it can be unerving to watch something porteying it badely. But you have a point and this is completely possible and you conveyed a possitive message. I mean, I kinda take my own family for granted, and I shouldn't, doesn't mean I don't know right from wrong. So props on this. I'm not saying one can't go out and party either, but it's good to be careful when doing so. And to DementisXYZ, fuck you for speaking like that about stoners, saying you're being a lowlife for this is profiling. People are lowlifes, not whatever group you put them in.

PeAtrit responds:

I totally understand you. : ) You got the message. Thanks alot!
I also agree, but you can go out and have fun, aslong as you know the familys value!

Thanks again!

Funny ass shit.

Zuggy, how could you say the acting and script sucked? It was good, and made the charters believable. I thought this was a genius piece of animation, great animation and voices. Keep the series up. :)

An extension to Brackenwood?

Great artwork and style. This is a homage right? Adam would be proud. Only thing is it's a bit short and devout of any real story. I . Your artistic abilities in flash are nearly match to Adams though and I hope to see more of this in the future. Awesome work.

Spoontamer responds:

Thanks!) I will try not to disappoint)

Can't stop watching....

If you made a lucky pig at 777 where's hell pig at 666?


I very much enjoyed this. It's random and stupid, hence brilliant. Can't wait for the next.

I take it you were just screwing around?

And by that I do mean in your previous works. I mean they were damn good but this....this just makes it seem as though you got bored when making those and didn't decide to get serious till the end. This is complete kickassery and I hope you make more flashes like this. Not necessarily the series(that would still be cool) but the general style you used. Awesome work.

xarugas03 responds:

nah the previous works were my, err...humble beginnings. i mean, i was like 14 back then O_O thanks for watching! :D

Wtf XD

That was great. You should make this into a series.

munchmed responds:

ooo i dunno

I like it

The animation was smooth...but it could have been longer. Perhaps for the next one use a dry erase board? Good work though.


Great short, keep it up

Nice :D

It reminds me of my own thought process, awesome work. I've watched all of them so far and they just get better each time. Can't wait for the next one.

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